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LED Lighted Backlit Bathroom Mirror Dimmable Antifog LED Mirror with 3X Magnifying 3 Colors Makeup Mirrors

LED Lighted Backlit Bathroom Mirror Dimmable Antifog LED Mirror with 3X Magnifying 3 Colors Makeup Mirrors

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Introduce the "GlowLux LED Lighted Backlit Bathroom Mirror," a fusion of innovative technology and sleek design, crafted to enhance the modern American home. This dimmable, anti-fog LED mirror with 3X magnification is an embodiment of luxury, efficiency, and high-tech functionality, ideal for sophisticated makeup tasks and daily grooming routines.

Enhanced 3X Magnification: The mirror’s 3X magnification offers a closer, detailed view of your face, perfect for intricate makeup applications, precise shaving, or skincare routines. This feature ensures accuracy and ease in your daily grooming practices.

Upgraded Dual Lighting: Equipped with both backlight and front light, the GlowLux mirror provides bright, even illumination. This dual lighting setup is essential for tasks requiring optimal visibility, ensuring no shadows or distortions during use.

Clear, Distortion-Free Reflection: The high-definition glass of the mirror provides a clear, warp-free reflection. Its non-dazzling quality makes it comfortable for extended use, enhancing your grooming experience.

Efficient Anti-Fog Functionality: Featuring a large demister surface, the mirror’s defogged function keeps it clear at all times, particularly useful after hot showers. This feature ensures a fog-free reflection for immediate use.

Smart Memory Function: The mirror remembers your last-used settings, including brightness and color temperature. When you turn it on, it automatically reverts to these settings, adding convenience to your daily routine.

Frameless, Decorative Design: The frameless design of the GlowLux mirror not only serves a functional purpose but also acts as a stylish decorative item. Its sleek appearance makes rooms feel more open and brighter.

Intuitive Touch Button Controls: Three touch buttons allow you to easily adjust the brightness setting, lighting colors, and activate the anti-fog feature. This user-friendly interface makes customizing your lighting experience effortless.

Versatile Lighting Options: Switch between warm, white, and natural lighting to suit different needs – from makeup application to taking the perfect selfie. The varied lighting options cater to all moods and times of the day.

Energy-Efficient and Long-Lasting: The LED lights are energy-efficient, with a lifespan of 50,000 hours, which translates to significant savings on your electricity bill over time.

Durable and Safe Construction: Made from high-definition glass with a solid aluminum backing, the mirror is built for durability. UL-certificated components and an IP44 waterproof rating ensure safety and reliability in bathroom environments.

Easy Installation: Designed for easy mounting and wiring, the mirror can be hung on the wall with ease. It offers flexibility in powering, with options for using a standard plug or hardwiring to a wall switch.

The "GlowLux LED Lighted Backlit Bathroom Mirror" is more than just a mirror; it's an upgrade to your lifestyle. It offers a perfect blend of modern sophistication, eco-friendly technology, and functional elegance, ideal for the discerning American consumer. Elevate your home with this exquisite mirror, where style meets functionality and sustainability.


    Shape: Rectangular

    Product Dimension: L * H 1200x600mm/ 47.2x23.6 inch

    Thickness: 4.5cm/ 1.77 inch

    Demister Pad: 300x800mm/ 11.8x31.5 inch

    Magnification: 3X

    Mounting: Hard-wired, Wall Mounted

    Room: Bathroom, restroom, powder room, makeup room

    Feature: Touch Sensor, Anti-Fog, Backlit Light, Led Strip

    Material: 20% Aluminum Alloy frame + 80% HD Glass mirror

    Product Color: Silver

    Plug Type: US, UK, JP, AU, EU, TP

    Lighting Colors: White, warm, natural white light

    Color Temperature: 3500-6500K

    Waterproof: IP44

    Power: 60W

    Input Voltage: 110V/5A

    Operating Voltage: DC12V

    Output Current: 12V/3A

    Lumen: 8640lm

    Frequency: 50/60Hz

    Led Bulb Type: 2835-120 led

    Net Weight: 13.28kg/ 29.28 lbs


    Package Size: 133.5x72.5x11.5cm/ 52.5x28.5x4.5 inch

    Shipping Weight: 17.5kg/ 38.6 lbs

    Package Includes:

    1 x Bathroom Mirror with Magnifying

    1 x Screw Accessory (set)

    1 x Instructions


    - Professional electricians are required for wiring installation if you want wall switch.

    - Please refer to the measurement. Tiny measuring error is allowable in normal range.

    - There might be a little color difference due to the monitor, camera or other factors, please refer to the physical item.

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