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Large Bathroom LED Vanity Mirror RGB Color Changing Backlit Bathroom Mirror Shatterproof Dimmable Anti-Fog led Mirror

Large Bathroom LED Vanity Mirror RGB Color Changing Backlit Bathroom Mirror Shatterproof Dimmable Anti-Fog led Mirror

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ntroducing the "Luminous Spectrum Large LED Vanity Mirror," a pinnacle of modern design and innovative technology, created by a company with over 10 years of experience in serving customers globally. This smart LED bathroom mirror, with its advanced features and eco-friendly design, is an ideal addition to any American home, providing a blend of comfort, luxury, and high-tech functionality.

Sophisticated RGB Backlit and Front-lighted Design: Our mirror features a unique combination of RGB backlit and front-lighted illumination, providing ample light for makeup application and shaving. The backlit feature offers 8 different modes, including cold light, white light, warm light, and a variety of colors, while the front light has 3 modes (cold light, white light, warm light). This versatility adds a modern, luxurious touch to your bathroom.

Dimmable & Multiple Light Modes: Equipped with a smart touch switch, this hi-tech LED mirror is easy to operate. A simple tap adjusts the light brightness and switches between different light modes. The mirror’s high-definition glass ensures a clear reflection with no distortion, making it perfect for detailed grooming tasks.

Anti-Fog & Memory Function: The anti-fog feature ensures the mirror stays clear during and after showers, eliminating the need for constant wiping. The mirror also features an auto-off function after one hour for added convenience. With its memory function, the mirror recalls your last-used settings, making it incredibly user-friendly for daily routines.

Tempered Glass, Shatter-Proof, Sturdy & Durable: Crafted with 5mm tempered glass, the mirror is shatter-proof and explosion-proof, ensuring safety and durability. Its robust construction is designed to withstand daily use, providing both elegance and longevity.

Easy Installation, Plug-in/Hardwired Options: This bathroom mirror is designed for easy installation, with all mounting hardware included. It can be hardwired or plugged in, depending on your preference, and comes with two sturdy wall brackets for secure mounting.

Eco-Friendly and Energy Efficient: Emphasizing sustainability, the LED lights are energy-efficient, contributing to a greener home and reduced electricity bills.

Features: The mirror includes touch sensor control, anti-fog functionality, waterproof construction, and RGB backlit, making it a high-tech addition to any modern bathroom.

Enhance your home with the "Luminous Spectrum Large LED Vanity Mirror." This product is not just a mirror; it's an experience, bringing a warm, comfortable, and elegantly modern atmosphere to your daily life. Ideal for the eco-conscious and tech-savvy American consumer, it promises to transform your bathroom into a space of luxury and advanced functionality.


Size for your choose:



Features: Touch Sensor, Anti-Fog, Waterproof, RGB Backlit
Material: 30% Aluminum Alloy shell + 70% HD Glass mirror
Product Color: Silver
Input Voltage: 100-277V
Output Voltage: 12V/ 24V
Wattage: 18W-72W
Color Temperature: 2800K-6500K
RGB Frequency Band: 
Red 622 - 632nm
Green 517 - 524nm
Blue 466 - 469nm
Lighting Colors: Cool white, warm, natural white
Working Temperature: -20-50
Certificate: CE UK CA UL SAA
Waterproof: IP44-IP65
Lifespan: > 20000hrs

Package Includes: 

1 x Wall Led Bathroom Mirror (We will send you the size you choose)
1 x Screw Accessory (set)
1 x Instructions

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