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40x50cm Front light LED Bathroom Mirror with Anti-Fog, Wall Mounted Vanity Mirror with Smart Touch Button, Memory Function

40x50cm Front light LED Bathroom Mirror with Anti-Fog, Wall Mounted Vanity Mirror with Smart Touch Button, Memory Function

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Introducing our "40cm x 50cm LED Backlit Rectangular Wall-Mounted Bathroom Mirror," crafted to add a touch of modern luxury and environmentally conscious efficiency to contemporary Australian homes. This versatile mirror is designed for makeup application and shaving, featuring innovative touch switches and adjustable lighting.

Adaptable Mounting Options: Our bathroom mirrors are designed with pre-drilled holes for effortless installation. The 40cm x 50cm rectangular design allows for both horizontal and vertical mounting, catering to different spatial needs and aesthetic preferences.

Dual Adjustable Lighting: With a dual lighting system, you can customize both the brightness level (10% to 100%) and the lighting color temperature (2800K to 6500K). This versatile feature ensures optimal lighting for any grooming task, in any light condition.

Intuitive Smart Touch Controls: The mirror is equipped with three smart touch buttons, making it easy and straightforward to control brightness, switch between three lighting colors, and use the separate anti-fog function. This functionality not only enhances user experience but also contributes to energy savings.

Wall Switch Control: Designed for added convenience, the mirror supports wall switch control, enabling easy lighting adjustments as you enter or exit the bathroom. This feature enhances the mirror's practicality and user-friendliness.

Waterproof and Long-Lasting: The mirror boasts an IP65 waterproof rating, ensuring it is impervious to moisture and suitable for wet bathroom conditions. This quality extends the mirror's lifespan and maintains its appearance over time.

Certified for Safety and Reliability: All internal components of the mirror are certified, assuring safety and adherence to authoritative standards. This certification brings peace of mind and confirms the mirror's quality.

The "40cm x 50cm LED Backlit Rectangular Wall-Mounted Bathroom Mirror" is an essential addition to any eco-conscious and style-savvy Australian home. It brings together the best of modern technology, eco-friendly design, and sophisticated aesthetics, promising to add warmth, comfort, and a modern touch to your daily routine. Embrace this perfect blend of elegance, functionality, and sustainable living with this exquisite mirror.


1.Memory function (Turn on the same light when restart) 2.Independent defog function 3.Three color lights single light belt(frontlit) 4.Dimmable(Stepless dimming)
5.Touch switches *3
6.Switch light:yellow/white 7.Aluminum alloy frame cnc outlet slot
8.hung vertically or horizontally 9.Plug standard:US,UK,EU,JP,TP 10.No backboard

1.Glass:5mm HD Anti-explosion Copper- free Silvered Mirror
CRI :≥95%
2.Power:45W(UK/AU/EU) 48W(US)
3.Input voltage: 100-240V
4.Operating voltage: DC12V
5.Output current: 0-3.75A(UK/AU/EU)0- 4A(US)
6.Lumen: 4800-6960LM
7.3 color lights: warm yellow/neautral/white 8.Color temperature: 3500/4500/6500K 9.Frequency: 50/60Hz
10.Led bulb type: 2835-120 led
11.Led Led bulb life::50,000hrs
12.Length of power line: 75-150CM 13.Install way:Wall switch, wall connection 14.Light belt waterproof rating: IP44 15.Plug type:wall mounted hard wire
Package Included:

1 x Bathroom Mirror

1 x Screws set

1 x Instruction


Elevate your bathroom with our luxurious 40x50 cm LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror, masterfully blending modern technology and eco-friendly design. This wall-mounted vanity mirror is more than a functional accessory—it's a statement piece that brings a touch of sophistication and advanced functionality to your home.

Sleek Elegance and Versatility: Crafted with prism toughened glass, the mirror's trim edge design exudes refined beauty. Its adaptable rectangular shape, perfect for both horizontal and vertical installation, fits seamlessly into various bathroom layouts, offering unparalleled clarity and style for grooming and makeup application.

Advanced LED Technology: Featuring dual lighting with adjustable brightness and color temperature control from a warm 2800K to a crisp 6500K, this mirror provides ideal lighting for any time of day. The LED lights are not only bright and clear but also energy-efficient, supporting a lifestyle that values sustainability and energy conservation.

Smart Touch Control: Three intuitive touch buttons allow easy adjustment of brightness, lighting colors, and the anti-fog function. The anti-fog feature ensures a clear view in any conditions, making it an essential addition to your daily routine.

Convenient Wall Switch Control: Designed with practicality in mind, the mirror integrates with wall switch control, adding an element of convenience to your everyday use.

Safety and Longevity: Emphasized in the design, the mirror is IP65 waterproof, ensuring durability in wet bathroom conditions. All internal components are certified for safety and quality assurance.

Eco-Friendly and Energy Saving: Embrace an environmentally conscious and energy-saving lifestyle without compromising on luxury. This LED mirror reflects not just your style but also your commitment to green living.

Package Contents: Included are 1 Bathroom Mirror, a set of screws for easy installation, and an instruction manual for a seamless setup process.

Transform your bathroom into a modern haven of elegance with our LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror. Its advanced features, eco-friendly design, and versatile style make it an ideal addition to any home, promising a blend of comfort, luxury, and sustainable sophistication. Discover the perfect union of luxury and technology with this exquisite bathroom mirror

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